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Hot 97'S Dj Megatron Shot And Killed In Staten Island

To follow their 2012 full-length album, Waiting For Something, Oak Street Blues are taking a potent route: recording two seven-song EPs. Band founder, vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Chris Hall selected Warren Huart (Aerosmith, Jennifer Hope) to produce the rock project; Skip Saylor (Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty) is overseeing the electronic disc.

This is a touch early however want to be able to have time to plan. Turning out Thursday February 7th @ 8 pm and Friday February 8th @ 9 pm, the funny folks from Limaland Comedy are presenting Dave Dugan live at the MILANO Eatery. Mr Dugan has written for and appeared on numerous Bob and Tom shows in addition CDs and has been featured on Cinemax. This is a really big deal folks. Tickets are only $10 for that show, which leaves you numerous of cash leftover with regard to many of wonderful MILANO pizza and those HUGE mozzarella cheese stick. You can find all the details on Facebook( can't you always) as well as the Limaland scr888 pc download Comedy website. Don't miss this show!

The evening race starts at 9 p.m. around the Shops at Legacy in Plano. The awards ceremony and post-race celebration often be hosted by Psycho Shannon from 106.1 918kiss download link and might feature refreshments, DJ music, and a live dance motion. Runners are encouraged to wear their lightest and brightest accessories and compete in the evening's costume contest.

Is radio stations necessary anymore, with ITunes and digital music, blogs and other websites dropping new music and lps. Will the radio emerge as new magazine/newspaper industry? Always be the "youngans" still listening to the radio? Is the radio used just for them?

Upbeat music is an ideal way to keep pace your energy while exercising. But listening to tunes that are great for your taste is crucial. How are you likely to enjoy a physical fitness when a person can think is: "I hate this song!"? AM/FM tuners are great, d.2 but commercials just interrupt your work-out rhythm. It's time to grab your MP3 player, boot up scr888 pc download and personalize your soundtrack.

I you should not. The live band regarding me on guitar, Stephanie [Sheer] on keyboard, Jenny [Arias] near the bass and Alejandra [Arellano] on the drums. For that recordings, on the rock album, Alejandra plays drums and i also play electric guitar. I usually do most of it myself. I play the bass and Warren will carry out some axe. I don't use the live band to number. They only come in for vocals and such as that. I really like to use within the to see what they are going to bring towards the table. The electronic album is me singing as well as the girls singing backup. The band doesn't have much to use it almost all. I programmed electronic bass lines and synth and Skip is adding embellishments.

Jeff - No, I just appreciate you giving me the possibilities. Your questions are just fantastic. I thank you for the particular time accomplish this. I just appreciate all the fans on the net for all the support over the years. They are usually fantastic. Book out the website and follow me on twitter.

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